Fujifilm posts revised X-Pro1 firmware 3.01 with movie mode fix


Fujifilm has posted firmware version 3.01 for the X-Pro1, which resolves a bug in the recently-released v3.00 that caused movies to be recorded incorrectly under some circumstances. It’s otherwise the same, meaning that it promises faster AF speed, and adds a ‘peaking’ display mode to aid manual focus, compared to prevous versions.  


Fujifilm X-Pro1



I know it is silly of me to ask, but when do you plan to make full review of X100S. It is one of the most anticipated cameras of the year. It is selling already, but still no review.

Andy Westlake

The X100S review is on its way – we’re hoping to publish certainly within a week.


I want to see review of the Canon 75mp camera. You wouldn’t happen to have a review within a week would you? 😀

RIP to the three engineers that performed Seppuku. You will be missed.


When are you guys going to do a full review of this camera. The Fuji X-Pro 1 is the most exciting thing that has happened to the photographic world in a long time and there is still no review after more than a year in the market. Any Sony camera gets a full review before it hits the street. Fuji is doing such an outstanding job with the bodies and lenses for the X line and you just don’t react. Do they refuse to pay you? What is up with you guys?

Macintosh Sauce

I would say that DPREVIEW definitely needs to up their work on doing proper reviews for Fujifilm (X-mount), Olympus, and Panasonic (m4/3-mount) mirrorless cameras and their lenses.

Andy Westlake

Err… are we still talking about the X-Pro1? The camera for which we published an unusually-extended ‘First Impressions’ piece very quickly after it was launched
followed by an exhaustive review a few months later (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-pro1/). Admittedly we now really need to revisit it in the light of all the FW updates, but as reviews go, they don’t get much fuller than that.



comet suisei

100% agree! The Xpro 1 and XE1 are strongly undervalued when i compare my 5D MKII L-Lens package and compare it to the X Pro1 i can hardly believe the amazing results from the much smaller Fujifilm Sensor, and the best is, the mach smaller and lighter Fujinon lenses, not waterproof like the L-lenses but in terms of picturequality absolutely prime lenses for much less of money, a shame this advanced system is still not equitable positioned (at least here on dp)


An updated review would be important to show what the camera is about NOW. Since FW 3.0 it’s responsive, quite good autofocus speed, very good auto focus accuracy, nice manual focus handling etc.

I know dpreview, it’s about your ressources. Priority might be newer cameras.

Andy Westlake

I’ve been using the X-Pro1 quite a lot recently, and I’m very aware that with the latest couple of updates it’s been transformed compared to the camera I reviewed a year ago. The problem is simply finding time to revisit the review properly.

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