Fujifilm unveils XF 56mm F1.2 R portrait lens for X system

Fujifilm has announced the XF 56mm F1.2 R, a fast short telephoto ‘portrait’ lens for its X system mirrorless cameras. With an angle of view equivalent to an 85mm lens on full frame, it uses an internal focus design for fast, silent autofocus.

The lens has an aperture ring which Fujifilm says has been engineered to give positive click stops, something that hasn’t really been the case with previous XF lenses. Like the older XF primes (but unlike the more recent wide angle primes), the focus ring is of the continuously-rotating type with no distance or depth of field scales – although Fujifilm claims it should have improved ‘feel’.

The XF 56mm F1.2 R will be available in February, with a suggested retail price of $999.99 / £999.99.

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Press Release:

Fujifilm announces fast portrait lens for X-series cameras that surpasses picture quality of full-frame equivalents

Fujifilm Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced the release of the FUJINON XF56mm F1.2 R lens. Available from February 2014, this latest addition to the company’s line up of professional-grade lenses for X-series interchangeable-lens cameras features a fast maximum aperture of f/1.2, a focal length of 85mm*1 and delivers beautiful bokeh, making it particularly suitable for high quality portraits. 

The XF56mm F1.2 R is less than half the size of an equivalent lens on a full-frame camera*2 and offers fast, quiet autofocusing that ensures stress-free shooting for both the photographer and the model. It also delivers incredible resolving power for high quality results that are enhanced by the unique skin tone reproduction technology found in Fujifilm’s X-mount cameras. Using the XF56mm and selecting one of two PRO Negative modes from the Film Simulation menu on the camera body will ensure users can capture beautiful portraits with rich tonal gradations reminiscent of images from film cameras.

Like all other lenses in the XF line up, the XF56mm F1.2 R is designed with an impressive attention to detail. It has a design that sits comfortably in the hand and exterior features including a metal aperture ring for a premium quality feel. 

Advanced optical design for professional portraits

The lens’ new optical design featuring 11 elements in 8 groups delivers impressive results. The design includes two ED (extra low-dispersion) elements and one double-sided aspherical element, plus four elements with a convex surface facing the subject, which combine to reduce spherical and chromatic aberrations. They also ensure the best possible image resolution, even when the lens is at its widest aperture of f/1.2. 

Image quality is further enhanced by Fujifilm’s proprietary HT-EBC coating that’s used on all lens surfaces to reduce ghosting and flare, while the seven-blade rounded diaphragm produces the creamy smooth bokeh effect that’s become synonymous with XF series lenses.

Attach the XF56mm F1.2 lens to a body that supports the Lens Modulation Optimiser*3 and picture quality leaps even higher thanks to the automatic correction of diffraction when shooting at smaller apertures.

Fast autofocus, silent operation

The XF56mm F1.2 R combines an inner focus mechanism*4 and a DC coreless motor for rapid autofocusing speeds, which are boosted further when used with a X-series camera body that supports phase detection AF. The structure and positioning of the focusing unit reduces sound and vibration for silent operation and with no lens barrel movement during focusing, the structure effectively prevents dust particles from getting into the lens and degrading picture quality.

Premium build quality 

In keeping with the XF lens legacy, the 56mm F1.2 R features a durable, metal construction – including the aperture and focusing rings – to ensure a high quality feel. The aperture ring is designed to ensure it’s easy to detect ‘clicks’ between f-stops, while the focusing ring is both comfortable in use and has the perfect amount of torque so it’s simple to focus precisely.

*1  35mm format equivalent
*2  According  to Fujifilm data
*3  Fujifilm X-E2 as of January 2014
*4 A mechanism that moves small elements in the middle or at the rear of the lens, while keeping the large, front elements stationary

Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R specifications


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Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R



Not even as expensive as expected. Probably corners are not sharp to f/2.8-4?


a low cost portrait lens? (if street price less than half of MSRP).
would be interested in how it will compete with old 85/1.8.
better on a new Bayer X mount camera with 24M or more pixels.


7 blades? This cannot be good.


Fuji should have squeezed the cost hard.
even the old Nikkor 85/1.8D got 9 blades,
straight ones though, for about 36k JP.

Samuel Dilworth

Seven is a perfectly good number of diaphragm blades. Even numbers are undesirable (Canon being the main culprit there), but the number itself isn’t hugely important. Hasselblad lenses, famed for their rendition, had just five blades for years.


Nice! I am curious how will it do against some old F1.2 50-58mm lenses used today as popular and ‘cheap’ portrait lenses for APSC (like Pentax A 50 F1.2, Revuenon 55 F1.2 or Minolta Rokkor 58 F1.2 …)


No DoF scale on f/1.2 lens? o_O Seriously?
On a 1000 pound lens they can’t add stupid DoF window? Ridiculous.

Antonio G

Maybe they thought the viewfinder indication can be good enough for a 85mm equivalent lens whose users are not likely to use range focusing that much.
But this doesn’t justify not having a focusing distance scale, that is a bad decision.

Samuel Dilworth

A depth-of-field scale would be unusable on this lens unless the focus throw was multiple full rotations – and even then it would have very limited usefulness.

I’m the first to cry foul over depth-of-field scales on new lenses, but Fujifilm was wise to abandon the scale for this lens rather than implement a mockery of a scale like the ones on recent Nikkors (and most other autofocus lenses, in fairness to Nikon).


From the sounds of things it’s a focus-by-wire lens. There’s no direct connection to the focus ring so a DoF scale may be tricky. Doesn’t seem to have stopped them implementing one on the Canon 85L mind…

Chaitanya S

Fuji is on right road, bringing more choice of glass to the users.


wow that is a great lens and decent price, nikon just introduced a 58mm F/1.4 for $1,600, and their Nikon mirrorless lens 32mm F/1.2 is $900 with an output of 86mm F3.2 for a sensor 2/3 smaller than APS-C !


Indeed and while these are facts people here are whining that an FX 85mm 1.8G is cheaper. The Canon 50mm F1.2L is $1600-1700
So unless you take the ridiculous exchange rate to pounds in consideration the price is right.


Yepp, and the performance of the Canon is far from stellar.
Let’s see how the IQ does on the Fuji.
It probably won’t beat a Canon 6d + 85mm f 1.2 combo, but it is lighter and cheaper, and being a 56mm instead of 50 makes me quite optimystic.




Unlike Nikon, Fuji is in serious business !!


unlike canon too. They have the most extensive lens line-up of 3 lenses. Ow and since that is so many they’ve decided not to launch the wide-angle in the US.


Trés Sexy!!!


gorgeous lens, I envy the “x”rs out there 🙂

M Jesper

Too bad it doesn’t fit on my X100. 🙁


Love footnote 2. A nice way of saying its a lie?

M Jesper

Never mind press-release jargon, they have shown what they can do in 2 years, i expect it to be worth every penny. Doesn’t need to set any records. 🙂

*Unless you’re in the UK, then it does require records. 😉


Delicious lens.

Bravo Fuji.

Piggy the bad

Cost $999/£999 $999=£628 at today’s exchange rate. Yet another rip off for the British consumer.


Bhphoto ships to England. Looks look importing camera gear ourselves is the only option to not get ripped off.


Although you will be billed for VAT, customs duty, customs handling and of course pay postage.


Not if you bring it back in a suitcase.


Fly to NYC, drive to Delaware, or fly to Boston, drive to New Hampshire – if they have any stores left who sell Fuji. Or pay 9% NY City tax.


Only thing wrong with this lens is that there is no camera with a 1/8000th shutter to take advantage of it in good light, so your expensive f1.2 lens often is forced to be a f2 lens (not suggesting a lens like this should only be shot wide open, far from it, it’s about choice… A choice which is robbed in good light).

And yes, I know about ND filters.


No big deal. if you can afford this lens you can easily afford a full set of ND filters which would be more usable wide open at all shutter speeds. I use them on my 35mm f1.4 with great effect.

M Jesper

1/8000 would definitely be a welcome addition, but it isn’t a dealbreaker without it. That’s the thing about lenses, you can get one now and still enjoy it on future camera’s. Unlike the X100(s) that’s also very limited in shutter speeds due to its leaf-shutter.

@chooflaki, that’s not the point is it.


Now, what is then the sense of owing a 1.2 lens if you need an ND filter to use it. Ok, we know all this high ISo and night shooting stories by now, no need to repeat that again. The only reason for the aperture is DOF, and that is what it is made for. But here, the price is ok, nothing to say against Fuji. They should tell Sony how to build those things.


Not a deal breaker, but certainly a huge annoyance.


Same size as Canon 85/f1.8 and slightly smaller than equivalent Nikon. About the same low light performance (FF vs APS-C), more than twice expensive (three times more expensive than Canon). And the performance will be worse than those full framers, because to be better it should be better than Otus 55 (which is about on par with Nikon 85/1.8G at equivalent apertures mounted on D600, Otus mounted on Nikon D7100).

KL Matt

Since when does Fuji have a 24MP sensor in the X-series bodies?


Yet the cheapest FF’s that can give you this performance are 3x as expensive as the cheapest X-Series that can use this lens.


Nikon 85/1.8 costs 2.5 times less, most likely provides better high ISO performance with modern FF Nikon camera, definitely better performer (http://www.dxomark.com/Lenses/Compare/Side-by-side/Zeiss-Carl-Zeiss-Distagon-T-STAR-Otus-55mm-F14-ZF2-Nikon-on-Nikon-D7000-versus-Nikon-AF-S-NIKKOR-85mm-F18G-on-Nikon-D4___1242_680_823_767)


f 1.2 is half stop faster than f 1.4.This should perform as a 1.4 lens on ff not a 1.8.

Now go look up the price for 1.4 lenses in the 85 mm focal length and tell us about how overpriced this is.


Are you about high ISO performance? If so, you confused things there. XTrans < Nikon D7100, which is more than a full stop worse compared to modern FF cameras.

KL Matt

So f/1.2 is a half stop faster than f/1.8, then?

Samuel Dilworth

There should be a ban on this dreary equivalence dogma that gets trotted out by someone or another in every thread these days. We get it, since we’re not outright novices. But it’s far from the only way to compare cameras and lenses.


It is still a smaller combination overall, and so what? – with the right lens in most other circumstances your combo is half size or less than FF cameras, while if you need low light performance, you are up to FF levels now.

While you can put this lens on your Fuji, you cannot shrink your FF camera in good light no matter how much you pay (unless you get a Sony that is 🙂 )


Jeepers – it’s a full retard invasion here… Whats with the Nikon vs Fiji hysterics, guys ? Feeling your manhood being threatened or something?

I don’t care what Nikon equivalent competes or does not with the Fuji. Who should? And the kind of shooter buying this lens for his X series camera is likely to be using the X series as well as a Nikon or Canon rig because they dig the lighter weight of the body and want something other than a DSLR…

So comparing them is a utterly lame exercise. Once again the DPR forums prove their reputation for being infected with keyboard clowns.


> So f/1.2 is a half stop faster than f/1.8, then?
LOL? Where did you take this “half stop”?
FF Nikon sensor is more than a stop better than APS-C, no matter what color mosaic it uses. The difference in light transmission between f1.2 and f1.8 is full stop, and both have the same DOF. The only difference Nikon 85/1.8G is much sharper than 56/1.2 on APS-C 🙂


Sure, Samuel. I see bunch of photogs taking the Nobel prize after being more experienced 😉


It is about lens price. The Nikkor is better performer and 2.5 times cheaper.


I don’t think that anyone cares really.
Either you have one of the systems and buy the lens for it or have both and chose cheaper/better performing/lighter one based on preferences.
No need to feel insecure you know.

Corwin Lee

I would suggest not to compare apple skin to orange skin, but look at complete system level.
I’m happy with this lens in term of size, weight and price(if this lens perform well like other fuji prime)


Emacs…why do you feel so easily threatened? Try taking some pictures and you may feel better.


I use an ancient 50 year old Nikon 50/1.8 on my NEX, was 120$ at E-bay and makes stunning shots. So, 999$, if you need that, why not? With an adapter, the Nikon 50 fits also on the Fuji x.


Yes, the Nikon 85mm 1.8G is a bargain at half the price, giving equivalent performance, and similar size and weight (actually it’s probably lighter). But it’s not a premium, metal lens, but a cheap, plastic one. And you still need a D610 to use it (so the combo camera-lens is still bigger, heavier and more expensive than the Fuji lens with the X-E2). In the end, it’s a matter of preference.


> a premium, metal lens, but a cheap, plastic one.

plastic should be better than metal.
uncoated metal means cheap and low performance.


$1k for an f1.2 lens ? Nice. 🙂

KL Matt

With AF, no less. 🙂


Well, to be more precise, that’s a $1K for f1.8 lens compared with FF systems. 😉

KL Matt

Does anyone here realize the x-system uses an APS/C sensor, not m43?

Der Steppenwolf

No an f1.2 lens still gathers more light then f1.8 lens. In terms of DOF you are correct though.


if it had an effective image stabilization like sony sel50 has, it would be my reason to switch to Fuji…a dream low light street lens, it would be…


In street situations you have to choose your shutter speed according to people movement in order not to get blurry images. 1/100s or faster should eliminate visible camera shake and most motion blur.
An IS would be useful for landscape and this will not be the domain of this lens.

So if you are a street photographer, the lack of IS does seem to be neglectible. 😉


Why do people think that IS is better or more useful than more light? I will take the extra stop of actual light gathering over the ‘only sometimes useful’ IS.

KL Matt

If you shot with IS, you’d know why people don’t want to be without it. It’s just so much easier to have one less thing you need to concentrate on. Frees your mind up for more important things like composition and recognizing the moment you’re looking for. And then… you get lazy. When you switch to a camera with no IS, everthing is blurry! And noisier, too, because you’re shooting at higher shutter speeds which require higher isos…paper-thin DOF is not ok for every shot.

Der Steppenwolf

” When you switch to a camera with no IS, everthing is blurry! “
You do realize that people have been shooting without IS for over 100 years right ?
So because you don’t know how to handhold properly lens is bad ? Get a grip man.


“For over 100 years without IS” people were shooting either from tripos or blurry pictures (at least blurry by modern standards).


Sony better hurry up with their lens lineup. If Fujifilm cameras had an articulated screen I would have switched already. No articulated screen – no deal, though.


The mid-range X-M1 (or X-A1) have articulated screens, they don’t have an EVF though. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-m1


I was looking at Fuji before opting for Sony NEX, because I also need a lot of video-centric feature. But, damn, Fuji’s lens line-up is looking extremely nice and let’s not forget their commitment to firmware updates.


Strange that people find always one valuable thing a camera has not, to justify not to buy it. There are many things my NEX-7 has what I don’t need, and there are things I would like to have and has not. But, on the end, it was the camera I wanted, period.


Sony’s not interested in lenses or building system. They’re interested in selling you new body every 2 years (or less).


I dont understand why Amazon’s preorder page shows April as delivery date, while dpreview article here suggest February. I am going on vacation in Mid February so it makes difference to me

Stu 5

Particularly confusing when they both owned by the same company.


“It’ll be available in February, with a suggested retail price of $999.99 / £999.99.”

If this is true, this would be a scandal. The currency ratio between GBP and USD is 1:1.64!

Piggy the bad

I just posted same comment without seeing yours. I got $1.596 to to £ yesterday making this equiv to £628 saying its a scandal, I think you are being very polite.


You have to add tax. With VAT £628 is £785. And it will sell for less probably when it finally arrives.

Piggy the bad

Still $340 less than uk


Ok all u Nikon and Canon fans jump on jump on ..

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/01/06/fujifilm-unveils-xf-56mm-f1-2-r-portrait-lens-for-x-system