Fujifilm X-T10 shooting experience is now live

Really nice little camera, no question. For me, the competitors are, until now, sony a6000 and canon m3. The Canon m3 has the smallest dimension (therefor, the Fuji T, which is, for a second(third) camera with mobile usability.

Itīs a pity, that there are, until now, no tests for the Canon M3, so i can only rely on assumptions and interpolations: IF the sensor of this camera (X-T10) is the same as the one used in the Fuji X-Pro1, THEN the IQ of the X-T10 is worse than the IQ of the sony a6000.

Then i saw in the internet a user review on a private side, which stated that the IQ of the Canon M3 is superior to the sony a6000, and that means (assumed that the statement is correct, but the M3 should have the same sensor as the Canon 750, and that IQ is superior) that the IQ of the Fuji X-T10 is much worse than the IQ of the Canon M3.

So, compared with those cameras, i thin i should prefer the Canon M3 (smaller dimensions) over the Fuji X-T10.

Is that correct?

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3814039313/fujifilm-x-t10-shooting-experience-posted