Full 360-degree camera rig takes your 3D portrait with 60 DSLRs


Printing in 3D is in the news a lot lately, but applications are usually limited to industrial prototypes. A company called Captured Dimensions has a different use for this technology. They’ve rigged 60 DSLRs in a 360 degree array to capture 3D portraits. The likeness is then printed using a substance containing gypsum powder, resulting in a 3D sculpture of 1/12 to 1/5 scale.

To create the statues, all 60 cameras are remotely triggered to fire every shutter simultaneously. The images are processed, and 5-6 weeks later, a 3D statue is mailed to you. The statues are produced to scale rather than an absolute size to avoid awkward mismatched sizes when, say, a family has their portraits taken. All told, the smallest full-body statue will cost $445; a larger 1/5 scale statue costs $2,295. 



Creating a 3D file is not new and not that impressive, but the COLOR 3D printing apparently has come a long way. Matching colors and calibration to have realistic skin tones is the challenge. Otherwise, you will end up with a cartoonish model, no matter how physically accurate the model is.


Looks like they used about 55-60 T3i’s for the setup.


Interesting. 3d printing, and other tech like this, have lots of unique and interesting applications.

But why are sources cited this way? It says via petapixel, source captured dimensions. I click petapixel, and it says via captured dimensions, via Daily Mail. Why dont you just cite the original news source, instead of a repost? Daily Mail did the work, and sites like petapixel just slap up a link. It doesn’t seem quite fair..



Another scheme to take money away from the egotists and self-indulgent.


My first impression “meh” wasn’t nearly as entertaining as yours!


Not necessarily egotist. Don’t you have relatives that put pictures of yourself on their desk or wall and since now can get it in 3D if they like to ?
Personnaly, I would like to have an inflatable 3D copy of my girlfriend, so that I do not miss her too much when she is away…


oh lord does that mean you have to put a camera lens in there as well to make it extra realistic? XD I am not saying anything more but this is the kind I can’t help feel that you are implying.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/18/full-360-degree-camera-rig-takes-your-3d-portrait-with-60-dslrs