Fully loaded: Pentax K-3 review

I value these reviews not for a final score (I’ve had the K-3 since November and already know its worth), but for actual analysis like this:

“On testing, we found the K-3’s ISO to be within 1/6th EV of the expected result, which is the tolerance level allowed in the ISO standard. In which case, the K-3’s ISO ratings should be considered accurate.”

. . . and for more detailed information than found in the camera manual, like this information on the actual degrees of change applied by the various ISO options:

“The K-3 has one of the best Auto ISO implementations on the market . . . using a shutter speed a little faster than 1/effective focal length. Switching to the ‘Fast’ options uses around twice this speed, while ‘Slow’ allows the shutter speed to drop to around half the default value.”

Data bits like that are good to know, so thank you, DP Review, for that work. Real information helps me use the camera; scores do not.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/10/fully-loaded-pentax-k-3-review