Fully stacked: Hands-on with Sony’s RX100 IV and RX10 II

Eleson, actually “different markets” is a real thing. 🙂
I do agree that aiming and hitting is a completely different thing, and canon just “aimed” …. time will tell if they hit anything :))

But, as an enthusiast, i know i look at completely different things in a camera than a professional. And it’s normal to be so:
I care more about design and less about ergonomics as i don’t hold a camera 8 hours every day, and when i do, i want to like it 🙂

I care more about image quality, having 4k, etc, as even if i don’t have 4k TV now, in 10-20 every tablet and tv will most likely be 4k. For somebody who broadcasts his recording live, it doesn’t matter, as he will not use 4k recording anyway….

I like a camera to be nicely built, but i’m only going to use it a few hours a week (maybe) … so it will not bu under the same stress as a professional workhorse…
and of course, the list can continue

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/8964627573/fully-stacked-hands-on-with-sony-s-rx100-iv-and-rx10-ii