Gary Fong launches virtual camera tutorial service

I hope these are better than his video tutorials for the A77II.

I paid to view when I first bought my A77II, hoping that they’d help me get to grips with its unusual features. Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed, as certain features were ignored, and some information was simply wrong.

To be fair to Fong, when it comes to features he actually uses himself he’s quite comprehensive and helpful. The problem is that he focuses on his personal preferences, as if they’re inherently the right way to do things, and can be misleading when talking about anything else.

For example, he told viewers to only use AF-A and ignore the A77II’s DMF option, dismissing it as unimportant without explaining what it does. Later on he seemed to have it confused with the AF Range Limiter, thinking that that, not DMF, was an aid for manual focusing. Some of the information he gave about certain flash modes was wrong as well.

I expected something a bit more complete and accurate when paying for a tutorial.

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