Get The Most Out of Lightroom By Shooting RAW

In this little 22 min video Julieanne Kost goes through the basics of creating the highest quality photographs by learning how to crop, remove lens distortion, correct perspective, make global and local color and tonal corrections in the Lightroom 4. These are all the basic things real estate photographers need to know how to do and they all work best if you start with a RAW file!

A recent discussion with a beginning real estate photographer made me realize that not everyone appreciates importance to shooting in RAW format. Sure RAW files are bigger but these days when a 1TB disks are $100 or less this is hardly an issue anymore. The big reason for shooting RAW is that Lightroom (and other photo-editing software) will effectively automatically fix lens distortion and all the other adjustments work far better if you start with a RAW file. Lightroom doesn’t have lens profiles for JPG files.

I can remember doing a post like this in 2006 admonishing everyone to shoot RAW and it was controversial. I doubt that is controversial any more. Sure you can get by shooting JPG but life is much easier shooting RAW. Here’s a post by Rob Lim, that makes a more detailed argument for shooting RAW.

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