Gofor Envisions Drone On-Demand Service – Cool or Scary?

GoforFirst of all, this is just and idea at this point. It’s not yet as real as the Gofor website and video make it sound. The concept is basically a smartphone App that would allow you to schedule a RCMA video or still shot.

However, if state and federal laws permitted it I could see this being a high demand service! A real estate photographer could request  a front shot(s) to augment the work they were doing on the ground without even needing to own the RCMA equipment. Very compelling concept, particularly if a lengthy or involved certification and testing process is introduced by future FAA regulations.

Yeah, you could easily make the case that for shooting custom video you’d want to have complete control of the quality of video and the angles and heights of the shots so it fits into your production.

The public argument against this, which is significant, is that it allows undesirable surveillance. Many states are probably going to have laws that will get in the way of, or stop a service like this. For example, Both the House and Senate of the Washington state legislature recently passed HB 2789 by a large margin but the bill was vetoed by the Governor. HB 2789 would have required permission from property owners if you fly over their private property with any sensing device (like a camera). In Wisconsin, a similar bill passed by the state Senate would make it a crime to “deploy an unmanned drone capable of video or audio recording in areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Oh well, it’s an interesting concept.

Thanks to readers Jim and Jerry for sending me links for this subject!

Source Article from http://photographyforrealestate.net/2014/04/10/gofor-envisions-drone-on-demand-service-cool-or-scary/