Gold Standard: Nikon D750 review posted

Very impressive camera indeed! Well done DPR – you’ve earned a few days of rest now 😉

One thing that surprized me is the lack of mention of the lack of a touchscreen (TS). I know many will at this point want to reply that TSs are useless and even call it a plus that the D750 (like all other FF DSLRs?) doesn’t have one, but (1) you can disable them; (2) if well implemented like on the Eos 70D I have, it’s amazing how natural it comes to use them and operate the camera more quickly, esp when shooting on a tripod. Before I had a TS, I never thought I’d use it much (here speaks someone who doesn’t even have a smartphone/tablet!), but now it’s one feature that has become an indispensible tool in my shooting workflow. I’m sure there’s many people out there who own a camera with a TS that will have gone through the same experience, including reviewers at DPR. In this day and age, the lack of a well-implemented TS should be seen as a negative in my opinion, and mentioned as such in reviews.

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