Google Camera app now on Kitkat and adds Lytro-like effect

I’ve very thoroughly tested it on my (factory; no rooting) Nexus 7 2013 and found out the following:

– the new panorama support is GREAT, particularly if you enable maximum resolution (the default is high-res). Up until now, Google’s implementation was a joke – far-far inferior to either Apple’s one on the iPhone 4S+ or Samsung’s implementation in their Android handsets. Even Nokia’s WP (but not Symbian) implementation has been significantly better.

– blurring worked just GREAT in my tests. While some people did complain about it being slow(ish), I haven’t noticed speed problems on my N7, which, while “only” having a 5 Mpixel sensor, has a, compared to the SD800, significantly slower CPU.

What’s wrong? Most importantly, all manual modes have been removed, which is a BIG-BIG minus. There’s no

– scene selection
– manual WB and ISO setting
– timer

The first two is particularly painful as, with the new Camera app, you in no way can force the system to shoot at high shutter speeds.

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