Google Hangout with Adobe Lightroom team


The Adobe Lightroom team is conducting a Google+ Hangout today at 11am PT (US Pacific Time). Adobe Product Managers Tom Hogarty and Sharad Mangalick will be answering user questions about the Lightroom 5 beta and, ‘what Adobe has in store for photographers.’ Photographers Dallas Nagata White and Ed White will be hosting the Hangout and asking your questions to the Lightroom team. You’ll need a Google+ account to participate and you can submit questions during the presentation.

Download the Lightroom 5 public beta from Adobe Labs


Henry M. Hertz

yeah i hope they will get burried under ADOBE CC comments.
let them feel the heat. i mean… they work for adobe.

i sure will ask a few uncomfortable questions….


Something tells me this isn’t going to feature many questions about Lightroom 5…

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