Grab Your Bag and Join Us: Full-Day Smashing Workshops In Germany

Grab Your Bag and Join Us: Full-Day Smashing Workshops In Germany

Quality has and will always matter to us. With our full-day workshops in Freiburg and Berlin, we aim to bring together only the most talented, skilled and passionate experts from various fields of Web design close to you. Well, if these workshops won’t help improve your workflow and skills, what will? Seriously.

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We listen to your thoughts, and we listen carefully. Let us know where you’d like us to organize the next Smashing workshops in the comments to this post, and we’ll do our best to come to you! In the meantime, you can save 50€ on the next workshop of your choice — all you need to do is subscribe to our Events mailing list below:

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Workshops in Freiburg, Germany

Brad Frost's Workshop Responsive Design by Brad Frost
Take a deep dive into the world of Responsive Web design, how to deconstruct interfaces down to their atomic elements, and how to introduce design systems into your workflow. Read more…
Smashing Conference 2013 Typography by Dan Mall
Wanna take your type game to the next level? We’ll jump right into the nuances of great typography: Assessing what gives type personality, drawing type, choosing, comparing and pairing typefaces. Read more…
Lea Verou Regular Expressions by Lea Verou
We’ll start with the very basics and progressively enhance your knowledge until you’re coding regular expressions like a champ. You’ll leave with awesome regular expressions skills, not just a vague idea of what you can do with regex. Read more…

Workshops in Berlin, Germany

Jonathan Snook's Workshop CSS Architecture by Jonathan Snook
A full day of instruction and exercises on writing HTML and CSS using a flexible and modular approach that will improve team efficiency and minimize problems with growing projects. Read more…
Remy Sharp Node.JS by Remy Sharp
This workshop is a fully packed day of material and exercises to get you up and running quickly. You’ll learn all the fundamentals you need to create your very own Node.js-backed application in no time. Read more…
Eva-Lotta Lamm's Workshop Sketching Interfaces by Eva-Lotta Lamm
We’ll be exploring when and how to use sketching in the design process, how to run a collaborative sketching session with a group of people and how to make your sketches communicate more efficiently. Read more…

We look forward to finally meeting you at one of the Smashing workshops! If you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to just drop us an email or reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Stay smashing!

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