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A good summer photo project doesn’t necessarily require a lot of expensive equipment, just a camera, an idea and the persistence to see it through. Chances are you’ve already got everything you need to kick off a photo series of your own. At DPReview we’re always looking for new and interesting photos on the web and lately we’ve noticed a lot of inspired projects. Some are fairly laborious, while others take a simple idea and run with it.

Katie Sokoler’s photo series puts whimsical shadows behind unsuspecting Brooklynites.

Mental Floss has published a great starter list of popular and ongoing photo projects, from the lo-fi (one couple’s photo at every Manhattan subway station) to more elaborate concepts. A series like Dear Photograph is a collaborative effort with an open call for submissions and a simple premise – take a picture of an old picture where it was originally taken. Aptly titled Maddie on Things features a Coonhound of that name posed on objects in and outside the house. And then there’s the slightly bizarre Switcheroo, side-by-side couples portraits with each person’s clothing swapped with the other’s.

Dear Photograph puts old photos in their original contexts. The series Maddie on Things features a Coonhound posed on everything from bedside tables to basketball hoops.

Photo projects don’t need to take you far afield. UK photographer Michael Jackson’s surreal images of rocky coastlines aren’t the product of a summer trip to the shore – they come from a fish tank in his own photo studio. Likewise, Katie Sokoler re-imagines her own Brooklyn neighborhood by adding paper shadows and thought bubbles to otherwise mundane street scenes. 

There’s no wrong time of the year to start work on your own project, but summer’s long daylight hours are an ideal opportunity. Tell us about your summer photo project in the comments, and remember you can share your photos in our forums and galleries, and you can even write an article about your series. 

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Mow the grass, weed-out broadleaf, expell wasps and chipmunks, scrape and repaint siding, mop the forehead. All exquisite photographic material!

Keep all those tourist meccas. Yard and home chores for me.


I have a small project going, not just for the summer though. It’s a long runner. Read about the idea behind it here:
And here some background:

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