Hand-painted Olympus E-P5 comes with bonus… Vespa?


Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy you some pretty weird things. Luxury London store Harrods has a long history of catering to the 1%, and its exclusive ‘Olympus Pen Art Edition’ kit includes two Olympus E-P5 camera bodies – one hand-painted – with an assortment of lenses and accessories, all bundled together with a customized Vespa scooter. We presume this must have made sense to someone.

The price for the whole kit, including a photography lesson, costs £16,000 (about $24,800 US). 

A hand-painted Olympus E-P5 (scooter not pictured).
Customized Vespa available from Harrod’s as part of the Olympus Pen Art Edition.

Head over to the Olympus Art Edition Facebook page for more details and behind-the-scenes photos of this collaboration. And tell us what you think of the latest luxury camera edition in the comments. And if you’ve invested in the kit, we want to hear from you (pics, or it didn’t happen). 

Olympus PEN E-P5



This reach an entire new level in the premium market, I wonder how Leica and Hasselblad will answer to this.

Did Harrod’s deliver in Dubaï?


Why do so many photographers here like to smack down the creative work of another visual artist?

Although you might not like the style, many people in the real world do and that’s why she got hired by a multinational company. We don’t all like the same music, we don’t all like the same food and we don’t all like the same visual art.

If photographers want others to value their creativity, at-least give a fellow artist some respect.


I saw it on Thursday when I thought of visiting the technology section at Harrods. There was a couple of Olympus cameras in a glass display with that Vespa next to them. When I looked at the price I was so shocked that I couldn’t look again no matter how much I tried.

Thanks dpreview for reminding me with that unbelievable price.

The Jacal

I’m waiting for the Samsung / Lada collaboration.

The Jacal

It’s good to see that the Vespa isn’t mirrorless.




Defining a new meaning of sexy.

Might succeed…



Its more like Vespa + camera, than other way around..

Well they reached new level, thats sure..

Craig from Nevada

The wimp factor–should have featured it with a Hog instead of a Vespa. Put a Harley sticker on the camera and you can double the price of the camera.


I refuse to buy it, the grip doesn’t match either the camera or the Vespa.


The handgrip doesn’t blend with the paintjob, but that’s the least of this camera’s aesthetic issues. And the Vespa’s decoration is amateurish to say the least.
Yet I’m 100% sure someone will buy this “kit”.

Ulfric M Douglas

Do I get a free Hasselblad Looney too?



Optimal Prime

The Vespa should have been mirror-less as well.


A fool and his money are soon parted.

Philip Young

If you were a billionaire and you daughter or girlfriend wanted one, I guess you’d be too cheap to buy one for her? I don’t think anyone who can afford one (or 100 of them) can be easily regarded as a fool.

ABM Barry

Being a Billionaire means that the ability to keep money is strong.
If the girlfriend is that shallow, …. a better decision would be to replace her for an intelligent model and then just buy the camera you would like. …. Billionaire = No Need to impress!


Why does the top photo look hazy, lack contrast, and show harsh, annoying bokeh?

It must have been shot with the other E-P5!

lazy lightning

m4/3 users will cite this as another example of why dslr’s are a obsolete technology.


This is another example why dslr’s are obsolete technology.

lazy lightning

See? That didn’t take long at all!


This is another example of why dslr’s are an obsolete technology.


You would not be able to do this kind of art with a dslr, unless if it was a Pentax…


at least they included the lens hoods


Here’s the website of the artist.


She has some pretty cool stuff. I like her canvas portraits.


Perhaps, but this kit won’t add to her reputation.


Leica and Harley-Davidson?


Not a bad idea, but Porsche + Leica is better (or if it must have two wheels, BMW).

Harley-Davidsons are nice, but unfortunately dont have either reliability or high manufacturing quality. Most of these japanese “look-a-like” have both better comfort and reliability.


LOL! but then, if one has the money why not?!


I checked and was told the £16,000 cost is real because” the photography lesson is given by Cindy Sherman”.


i wanna re-paint my 5D3

Jon Stock

Good for Olympus, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Especially publicity that costs you nothing.

Johannes Zander

Is the lens extra?
Or is it just another new pancake lens from oly?
The grip is to small and not impressive at all like hasselblad, that’s why I pass.


Why is it that when some company does something really weird it becomes News?


Probably for the same reason it becomes news when celebrities get drunk and embarrass themselves in public.

hobbit mob

Because “Company sells products just like everyone else” isn’t interesting.


That’s truly mobile photography!


Harrod’s has just outdone Hasselblad in TERRIBLE design, Well done, the Impossible has been achieved!


Bought two yesterday. Disappointed with the helmet – a visor is not included.

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