Hasselblad closes Italian design facility responsible for Sony re-badges

That’s a loss for all the collectionner community! 😉

For @Aaron801 I will try my best.

Re-assembled in Italy, with awesome woods pieces that blend harmoniously with the sony camera, these Hasselblad offers you the best of Japanese technology, with Italian fashion that will make everyone’s stare at your camera, with desire visible on their eyes.

Hasselblad technology, such as the wood piece, and naturally Hasselblad logo, make them not only great cameras, but probably the best cameras ever, the wood adding a natural film-camera sensation to the photographer and improving the optics and the sensor to put them back on the silver film era, the graininess of the wood itself being felt in the resulting photography.

These cameras are not only fashion stars, not only the bests digital cameras ever, they are also a statement, that you are a wealthy photographer, the kind that change the world we see through their photos on international magazines: they talk about who you are!


Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/7333077708/hasselblad-closes-italian-design-facility-responsible-for-sony-re-badges