Hasselblad replaces CEO, announces 50MP CMOS medium-format camera


“Sure Leica are better, they cost three Times, and the difference is minimal.”

So right, the Leica S lenses are extraordinary and Pentax lenses can’t keep up with the optical quality of good Leica lenses. Not really news. Also not news that Leica lenses are expensive.

I didn’t make any claims about what lenses Pentax makes that Leica doesn’t. Not at all clear that all of those Pentax MF lenses you cite are still made.

“every blad mamiya”, Hasselblad is not a lens maker; Fuji and Zeiss have both made lenses for Hasselblad.

Also as I said, the Pentax 645D uses a CCD (not CMOS) sensor:


And that means it’s not real likely to go much above ISO 400–even if it can be set higher.

So next time check.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/01/21/hasselblad-replaces-ceo-announces-50mp-cmos-medium-format-camera