Have your say: Best Lens of 2014

I have bought three lenses in the last year, and just as others are saying the Tamron 150-600, with VR, should have been on this list. It is much better than the Tamron lens that was listed.

This lens opened up a category previously reserved for lenses costing over $6000. It is a superb lens, and I was surprised it was so cheap after using it, and marveling over the image quality. It is putting out pro caliber images, attached to my Nikon D7100, that I have no problem selling. By the way, on my D7100 set to 16megs, that puts the lens crop factor at 1200mm, at F6.4. Try buying that lens for under $10,000, and hand holding it.

Your list looks more like a manufacturer sponsored holiday shopping promotion.

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