Heavy Hitters: 2014 High-end Full-Frame Camera Roundup


The A7S isn’t the king of lowlight cameras; it’s about at the level of the Canon 6D, which is behind the Nikon D750, then come the serious high ISO bodies–the 1DX, Df and D4S.

The A7S shows significant magenta and cyan blotches in shadows at ISO 25,600 and there are other noise problems at that ISO absent from serious high ISO bodies like the Df.


A better way of thinking about high ISOs is not so much lens speed, but more like:

“Now I don’t have to use only the fastest, heaviest, most expensive, slowest to AF lenses, if I can use higher ISOs. And I can use an f/5.6 telephoto more easily”

Anyhow there is a Canon already better at higher ISOs than the A7S. And then there are Nikon options which are better still–but no native f/1.2 lenses.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/6591740927/2014-high-end-full-frame-camera-roundup