Here Is What A Top Agent Does To Market Homes!

Thanks to Fred Light for pointing out the website of Connie Barns who is #54 among the top agents in the US. Connie’s team is the #1 real estate team in Northern California.

I love to see the marketing of top agents like Connie. It’s such a pleasure to see agents that go way beyond the minimum necessary. As you can see from Connie’s site everything she does is meant to knock your socks off! And it does! There is no mistake that photography and video play a major part in Connie’s marketing strategy.

The video to the right is from Connie’s professional photography page on her site. Notice that she uses the Redfin study and the WSJ article that reports on the Redfin study that talks about the importance of photography. She must read this blog!

Fred believes that most of her photography and video is done “in-house” by family members but as you can see it is top notch!

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