Hereís What Adobe Dehaze Can Do for Photos Taken in a Blizzard


I took a trip to Iceland this past March, but weather wasnít the greatest while I was there. We encountered a few blizzards, and I took some photos to see what I could recover from them. Adobe recently announced a Dehaze tool for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, and I wanted to know how well it could recover image data from a blizzard ó which could be considered be an extreme version of haze. After trying the slider on my images, Iím very impressed!

Example 1

Hereís one unedited photo. Itís just a straight RAW to JPEG conversion:


All we see is a nasty blizzard and the vague shape of a mountain in the background. The colors of the house arenít clear either. Now hereís the Dehazed image at +90 without any other edits or raw filters applied:


Notice how the colors of the house and details of snow and rock from the mountain emerge after Dehazing.

Example 2

Now hereís a much more extreme photo of a blizzard in the same area. Notice how this image shows almost nothing but a vague shape covered by a blizzard:


I then applied the Dehaze filter at +90 (no other raw adjustments), and the details recovered are just spectacular!


Impressive, wouldnít you say?

About the author: Bimal Ramdoyal is a software developer and a photography enthusiast based in Canada. You can find his photography and writing on his website and blog. This article was also published here.

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