How Do You Like Your CamRanger And How Are You Using It?

Back in January I did a post CamRanger just after I got mine. I have to say I’ve not come across any major issues with it. It has everything I expect in a wireless tethered device. I use mine with an iPad Mini for shooting time-lapse, macro and bracketing. What’s more, I’ve  heard pretty positive feedback from everyone that talks about CamRanger. Mike Kelley did a detailed review of the CamRanger in March and was very positive about it.

Last week I talked to Melissa, co-creator of the CamRanger. Turns out she is a PFRE blog reader! Melissa was interested to get real estate photographer feedback on the CamRanger and know about Pole Aerial Photography and what people are using to for PAP.

Some of the feedback I’ve gotten from real estate photographers using the CamRanger is as follows:

  1. You can’t do custom white balance with a grey scale card. You need to do it before you activate the CamRanger and then save it as a custom setting which can then be pulled up on the CamRanger.
  2. You cannot use spot metering to control the bracketing starting exposure.
  3. Long (3 hrs) time-lapse it not recommended because of the danger of the CamRanger stopping when it’s battery runs down.

What is your experience with CamRanger? How are you using it? I can pretty much guarantee that Melissa will be reading this post, so here’s your chance to give your feedback to the creators of CamRanger. I was very impressed that Melissa and her husband are actively seeking  feedback and suggestions. You don’t usually have the opportunity to talk directly to the designers of your gear. Be nice now!

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