How To Find Your Stolen Images Online

A couple of weeks ago when I did a post about a broker asking a reader for exclusive photo rights, the post attracted the attention of Joel Rothman and Steve Schlackman who are both Intellectual Property Attorneys in Florida. Steve does a blog on the subject of IP Law for Artists.

Joel has represented a couple of PFRE readers in the past and both Joel and Steve are interested in helping educating both photographers and agents about photo licensing in the real estate industry. Steve is going to cover some of these issues that we are all interested in on his Art Law Journal blog.

I’ll be featuring some of the articles that Steve does in the future on Art Law journal. For starters, here is a useful little tutorial that Steve did recently on how to find your stolen images online.

I’m looking forward to Joel and Steve’s help at helping us sort out the best way to deal with some of the craziness of MLS copyright rules.

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