How to Photograph Beverages – Video Tips

Earlier I shared a collection of some great images of beverages. If you want to know more about how they may have been created, check out these video tutorials.

This first video by Phlearn features photographer Rob Grimm, and walks you through how to photograph a beer bottle and glass of beer. I used to do food photography and beverages were part of that. It’s a very specialized, and highly detailed area of commercial photography that requires a lot of lights, reflectors, and patience. A shoot like this might take several hours to get it just right, and it’s a game of inches moving things into the right places.

See more of Rob’s amazing drink shots on his website.

This next video is by Phillip McCordall as we demonstrates shooting a bottle using a slightly different lighting setup and approach. It’s well done (aside from the slight echo in the audio) and has some good tips.

This last one is by The Slanted Lens and go over how to photograph a bottle and combine it with a photo of a person for the final image. Lighting is key when photographing any kind of beverage. More good tips and a little fun at the end of this one.

So if you are doing this week’s photography challenge, beverages have a watch of these videos and remember to share your images on the challenge page.

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