How Was The Real Estate Photography Business In 2013?

REPinterestThis year I’ve talked both real estate photographers that are struggling and photographers that were on track to do 800 to 850 shoots in 2013. There seem to be plenty of both cases. For those that are struggling it’s hard to determine if their problem is a geographic location with low demand for real estate photography, or they need help with marketing.

There are two major factors that are an impediment to building a real estate photography business:

  1. Getting started isn’t easy. You have to be able to market yourself and keep at it. For most it takes a year or more to get up and running well. Not everyone can do this well.
  2. Not all geographic locations have the same level of demand for real estate photography. I wish there was a better way to tell which locations have the highest demand, but the best I’ve found is google trends that shows the trend result fo the english search term “real estate photography”. The image at the right shows the 10 cities world wide that have the highest demand for real estate photography. I rarely find people struggling with real estate photography in these cities. Problem is, this doesn’t get as detailed as one would like.

The US states with the highest real estate interest are Washington 100, Utah 92, Colorado 89, North Carolina 88, Oregon 84, Arizona 78, Louisania 77, Tennessee 77, Texas 75, Florida 73. Again, there’s only data for the top ten. More data would really be nice.

In the end all you readers have the best information about the real estate photography business. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done a poll on this subject. So how is business going for everyone?

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