HTC Gallery update allows for sharing of Duo Cam images

We were not too impressed with results from the HTC One M8’s Duo Cam in our review,  but nevertheless, its secondary camera for capturing depth information and itscorresponding features make the HTC one of the more interesting smartphone cameras released so far in 2014.

One of Duo Cam’s limitations has been that the editing features, such as UFocus for changing the focus point after capture or Foregrounder for applying effects to the back- or foreground of an image, could only be used on the device itself. This has changed with the latest update to the HTC Gallery App that allows you to share a Duo Cam image with others via the new Duo Effects Gallery web interface. In the interface the image can be manipulated in pretty much the same way as on the phone but the functions are a little restricted. For example, UFocus lacks the blur strength slider of the device version (see the example above).

Of course you still need a One M8 to capture the image but the Duo Effects gallery is a nice way to share your image results and give others an impression of how this new technology works. If you are the lucky owner of a HTC One M8 you can download the update now from the Google Play Store.

Via: Engadget

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