Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent

If I were rich, I’d travel to Hungary, break this law, then DARE them to do a thing about it, and sic as many lawyers on the resulting case as there are grains of sand on the beach.

That declaration aside, in a way I’m not surprised. I don’t know about the rest of the USA, but in eastern TX, I swear you can’t take a picture of ANYTHING without people flipping out, especially if you’re a male. Dumb idiots swear every man with a camera is a pervert out to feed the pedophile pond, as if someone pleasuring themselves to a photo, as sick as that may be, is really harming anyone to start with. (I’m referring to “street photography” or “incidental” candid/tourist photos, not something where kids are forced to undress against their will.) Regardless, even stopping and taking a photo of an old barn risks raising the tempers of neighbors who think you’re stalking the landscape trying to abduct somebody. Paranoia has really taken over–but I click away anyway, as should every photographer.

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