Iconic photographer Don McCullin on war and landscapes

greypixelz: “he and others like him, did NOTHING to help those people in need, just like the media is a propaganda machine for corporations looking for your sympathy and reaching for your wallets and ending up taking your souls.”

You need to get a bit of perspective and equating what he did to corporate avarice and a society dominated by a plutocracy today ignores many things not least the time in history he operated and the effect his and other photos had on shaping attitudes to things like the Vietnam war.

You and I know there is plenty of suffering in the world. We still spend a fortune on our hobby, buy TV’s, cars and everything else.

Iconic images like the famous photo of the badly burned Kim Phuc from the Vietnam war shape public opinion.

The photographer who took that image took her and others to hospital. Would you prefer the photo was not taken and they just ferried the injured to hospital?

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/01/31/iconic-photographer-don-mccullin-on-war-and-landscapes