IFA roundup: What’s new in mobile photography tech

For now, only the One and G2. There are rumors about the Nexus 5… as it might use the same camera module of the G2.
Unfortunately, AFAIK there are no serious comprehensive OIS tests. Btw, since the effectiveness of the stabilization depends on the hardware of the camera module, it is not correct IMHO to say that “the androids only do up to 3 stops”, since the OIS is independent from the underlying operating system (i.e. it might be true that Nokia’s OIS is better, but if it is so it’s only due to better hardware and this does not mean that a future android with OIS could not be on par with the Nokias), just like it is not correct to say “the nokias” because the 808 and 1020 have different camera modules and their OIS hardware could be different as well.

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