In a class of its own: Samsung NX1 review

28 MP, BSI sensor technology, 15 fps, tilt screen, 4K video . . . nice!

This is very promising. I will keep an eye on Samsung, because frankly, I don’t like the direction Sony has been heading, leaving out GPS (which this camera should have but doesn’t) and refusing to put USB 3 in their cameras. They (Sony) is acting more and more like Canon and Nikon, holding back on technology, and that p!sses me off to no end. It’s been years since they introduced the A77, and what do they give us with the A77 II? A camera that’s hardly any better. That’s PATHETIC! Samsung deserves our business for their innovation. Sony does not. Canon does not. Nikon does not. 24 MP sensors have been around FOREVER now, and what do we see? We see the same old cameras with the same speed, but with minor differences, and sometimes these companies even remove features. Do they drop the price? NO. The same price as the last upgrade, when they stepped up from 16 MP to 24 MP, but no upgrades like that now. Go Samsung!

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