In case you were curious, here are the 10 most expensive photos ever sold.

I read the comments around here and realize more and more that there aren’t many artists around,but too many “photographers”,and many of them rather ignorant with no aesthetic sense.I see Andreas Gursky’s image is making some noise…can’t imagine why.I finished an art college and majored in art photography,and he was given to us as example of a great artist with an original great style and technique I have to say Gursky’s image is impecable. Supeb geometry, superb minimalistic scene, and probably a huge and superb print! I think people call it boring because there’s no kitschy bird flying, dog running or kid playing, or something you “great photographers in your spare time” like to see. Every image speaks to a person, and while some of your images only speak to you, their images speak to people who are willing to pay huge amounts of money for them.They ARE better than us,that is why they do better than us in photography.What we can do,is analyze,learn and respect.

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