In Flight – 36 Images of Identified Flying Objects

Last week was cars, the previous week – boats. So this week I’ve found 36 fabulous images of all sorts of objects in flight: airplanes, kits, birds, people…

Look up – look way up. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a kite, or person?

By Kuster & Wildhaber Photography

By Geoff Collins

By Andreas.

By Linh Nguyen

By Geoff Collins

By Kim Seng

By Eddy Van 3000

By Neil Howard

By Peter Roome

By ecatoncheires

By Doug

By Cornelia Kopp

By Clark & Kim Kays

By Ali Arsh

By Nick Kenrick

By Datmater

By Niels Linneberg

By Brett Davies

By Lotus Carroll

By Hartwig HKD

By Andreas Levers

By Bill Gracey

By blinking idiot

By Brian Wilson

By Tal777

By Dave Scriven

By Official U.S. Navy Page

By Michael Napoleon

By nigel

By mommamia

By Chris Smith

By TexasEagle

By Phil

By RayMorris1

By Joel Olives

By Lisa


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