In photos: ‘Paris in the Springtime’

@lensmate. I used Sony merely as an example, I have a friend who uses the a850 so no issues with the results he gets. He is of the same sentiment as me, so I guess that makes him an unreasonable twaddler as well. We both have wonderful lives btw and neither of us consider ourselves superior(?), only fellow travellers on the image making road trying to learn from each other and the great pros, past AND present. You know, McCullin, Nachtwey, Gotts, Salgado etc, those guys. I am an assistant teacher (part time) at my friend’s photo courses and we see 700-800 people a year. I encourage them to learn of these people and the craft of photography rather than get hung up on gear, as per the Arnold quote, as it only leads to frustration and a poor bank balance! And yes, we meet lots of “types”. Sadly many, mostly young men, are hung up on their gear and not photography itself.This is the first time I’ve heard inspiration called “unreasonable”. & I never met a Canadian I didnt like, seriously 🙂

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