In photos: ‘Paris in the Springtime’

Well they are fine images, very nice to say so.

But I look at it like looking at vintage cars – old timers – I wouldn’t necessarily think, standing in front of a 1950 XK120 Jag, that it would be a car that would “work” in the 21st century.
It’s pure mechanical beauty and the historic aspect aside, it has it’s drawbacks and it has its problems by todays standard.
Yet I can stand in front of it and admire it for its qualities.

Everything changes, and so do the standards by which we judge items, products, technics, etc…

The photographs shown are excellent photographs for their photographic content… Take the same talent in a modern photographer and modern equipment and will have equally stunning images, at a different quality level.
Also use of photography has changed – the way it is being looked at and used….

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