In pictures: Restoration of Boeing’s first 747 ‘jumbo jet’

He is obviously in Germany. I’m sure he meant to say that it is sad that it is not in, instead of into, Germany. Obviously he does want to see it but seeing that it is an American plane, a Boeing, and not an Airbus, it is rightly located in America, away from his easy access. Wasn’t hard to figure out. I don’t know why you felt the need to say that Airbus is not German when obviously Germany is a part of it.

Not understanding your irony comment. What does Northrop Grumman have to do with the topic or anything said?

That said, and in fact, Airbus planes, unlike Boeing’s, wouldn’t exist, as they are, if it were not for American subcontractors and technology in the aviation field developed since WWII. Many American companies contribute to the production of Airbus planes. The A380, for example, is around 50% American in value of contribution.

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