It’s a Small World – the World of Macro Photography

Macro photography is like a secret world. You can capture ordinary objects in a way that the human eye cannot see them, and create captivating images.

Many people immediately think flowers and bugs at the mention of the word macro, but there are so many other great options. This is meant to inspire you to get out there and look at the world a little closer. Find interesting subjects right under your nose – hey, maybe you can even photograph your dog’s nose!

Here’s a few ideas for you including some flowers and bugs:

By @Doug88888

By @Doug88888

By Tasumi1968

By @Doug88888

By @Doug88888

By cobalt123

By tony babcock

By Becky

By Ben Kreunen

By Mahmoudreza Shirinsokhan

By Brian Wolfe

By Randy Pertiet

By Jonathan Cohen

By Eduardo Millo

By syvwlch

By Martin Heigan

By maury.mccown

By Guy Sie

By Nick Fedele

By Chris Moody

By Brent Pearson

By Paul clarke

By Nick Fedele

By seeks2dream

By Antonio D’Emanuele

By mcdarius

By Mike McCune

By Bram Cymet

By Chechi Peinado

By Vanessa Pike-Russell


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