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You’re sidestepping the issue.

The entire “North Korea” rant… Non sequitur, I’m not going further there.

The issue isn’t what I think, and it’s certainly not your grandiose self-entitled “free world” nonsense.

The issue is what those three ladies thought.

I don’t care whether that matters to you or not. Your rights end where the rights of another begin.

Wearing a beret and being an “artiste” won’t change that. Neither will strawman arguments about totalitarian regimes and illogical rants about small freedoms mattering.

Of course small freedoms matter. You don’t seem to respect those freedoms though. Not when it comes to the three ladies in question. Oh, no. Your “art” matters more than their feelings or freedoms.

Again, in many nations you can behave as poorly as this and it’s legal. Congrats. Civics can be taught, even to “street photographers” I’m sure.I question whether civility can be taught to them though.

Good night, all.

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