Joby introduces GPod Mini Magnetic and MPod Mini Stand flexible tripods


Joby has announced two new flexible tripods. The GPod Mini Magnetic is designed for compact cameras, and the MPod Mini Stand will hold a smartphone in or out of a case. Smaller than the original Gorillapod, the GPod Mini Magnetic – as its name implies – contains magnets in its feet to secure a compact camera to a metal surface. It will hold cameras weighing up to 325 grams. Wondering if it will support your camera? Check this list of cameras of compatible size. The MPod Mini Stand will accommodate a phone as wide as 3.2 inches between its rubberized ‘jaws.’ 

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JOBY Accessories Go ‘Mini’ with Two Portable, Playful and Practical Photo and Mobile Tripods

Joby GPod Mini Magnetic.

NEW Tripods Designed for Point-and-Shoots, Action Video Cameras & Smartphones

SAN FRANCISCO, August 20, 2013 – JOBY launches two adaptable mini tripods to empower the consumer to do more with his or her compact digital gear: the JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic ™ and JOBY MPod Mini Stand™.

“Our mini accessories were designed for the convenience and creativity of today’s spontaneous point-and-shoot and action video camera users, as well as smartphone users who use their devices to shoot images and enjoy media,” said Michael Jue, director of product design and management. “The new tripod stands support consumers as they use their technical tools to get creative with their photos and videos,” he added.

Introducing the JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic

Inspired by the original GorillaPod™ tripod, the JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic is a fun and friendly mini-tripod with magnetic feet – the perfect, portable stand that secures to all types of metal objects. Designed for point-and-shoot and action video cameras (such as GoPro cameras), the mini-tripod provides steady and crisp images from all angles. An adjustable neck allows users to change the position of their camera angle for more creative possibilities and the flexible, wrappable leg joints adapt to uneven surfaces.

Introducing the JOBY MPod Mini Stand

Also mini in size but mighty in practicality, the JOBY MPod Mini Stand features a universal design that fits most smartphones, with or without their protective cases (accommodating sizes up to a Samsung Galaxy Note). The mini tripod is built with flexible leg joints that adapt to all types of surfaces. Its expandable head mount clamps a smart phone in place, making it easy to set up a steady shot and enjoy media.

Each mini-tripod weighs less than two ounces, making it truly portable and an ideal lightweight accessory for totes, backpacks, pockets or travel cases.

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Joby GPod Mini Magnetic. Joby MPod Mini Stand.



Mixing units (ounces and grams) shows lack of preparation.

Looks like a new way to scratch painted car surfaces. Why not just use a car key? Great scratches, less cost, traditional.



why dont they just make a universal head for cellphones with the standard tripod screw.. they could pack it in with the normal version


Do they have it with feet in “Blood Orange” color to match my car hood? Otherwise no deal!


people keep giving me these things, they are cute but more or less useless. I have better luck with improvising a support by using a bottle, a book or whatever sturdy object is available . They are in my doo dad drawer with the other garage sale bits.

Give me a clamp with a flexcable instead – which unfortunately approaches the weight of a small and useful tripod.


not very spontaneous if you have to dig it all out your bag, screw it all together, stick it somewhere and line it up for the shot.


What a classic of moronic marketing speak, “empower the consumer” and “The new tripod stands support consumers …”, funny I thought they supported the camera. Didn’t realize *I* was meant to stand on it and all this time I’ve been doing it wrong.

Michael Jue, you are a disgrace to your species.

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