Join the Q: In-depth Pentax Q7 review

Not so much negativity?
Perhaps it’s the third version and no company would continue if it wasn’t doing ok, especially in Japan,its small, colorful, matching with handbags, scarfs and Japanese painted dolls.

I love the general tone of the review:

Most people in the office Love it but
It doesn’t fit into any kind of category we want to put it in
It takes pretty good photo’s But
its not a compact zoom or a rangefinder or a M43 or a
it takes video
but it’s not quite like a canon or panny or..
this is the third one: but
Not sure who wants one
Its got a few lenses;
but we forgot that people can buy the whole kit and putting adapters and using all sorts of lenses and having heaps of fun.

we’re confused, we have to put it into a category and because we’re gear heads, we’ve forgotten that most of the public just like having fun and taking photos and its colorful and fits easily into a pocket or bag.

Sorry, still Love you DPR, just remember life doesn’t always fit into a box.

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