Just posted: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens review


Just posted: Our review of Canon’s top-end standard zoom, the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. Launched a year ago to replace its 10-year old predecessor, it’s designed as a workhorse for professional photographers, and features a completely new optical design and improved, weathersealed build. In the latest of our lens reviews produced in collaboration with DxOMark, we take a look both lab and real-world performance. As usual, you can also compare it to a wide range of similar lenses using our unique lens data widget. Click through below to see what we thought.



Any one has the sony A37, thoughts?


Dang, I’ve never seen so much blue in a lens test. Well done, Canon.

Henry M. Hertz

at least when canons MP monster camera arrives in 2014 canon user will have the optics to make real use of it.


Why is it more sharper on full frame than APS-C? Shouldn’t it be the other way around since crop uses just the sweet center portion?


I think lens resolution has reached the maximum (LP/ PH). The FF has more height so it has more resolution.


The density of the FF sensor is lower, so each pixel corresponds to a larger area of the lens elements. Essentially a lower density sensor demands less detail from the glass to achieve the same “sharpness”.


Completely disagree about the close-up performance. I was using this lens for several hours in the Botanic gardens shooting at f/2.8 to f/5.6 and even wide open the shots were nice and crisp. I was only stopping down for extra DoF. This lens is simply superb, but I am disappointed the max magnification went from 0.29x on the old model to 0.21x on this mk II.


I had the prior Canon 24-70 L and found it the best zoom in its range. Then I have got some Tamron lenses. They are not that good as the Canon, but come quite close from my field experience. It is really hard to decide.

But, if you see the huge price of the Canon – you get in doubt. May be if you want the best of the best, have plenty of funds, and know how to take pictures.

Otherwise, there are different choices.

Henry M. Hertz

yeah you could buy a P&S… clown….


DPreview promoted taking wedding pictures with an iPhone and you call Thomas a “clown” for liking his Tamron lens ?

Greg VdB

“The Tamron looks like a very worthy competitor, offering impressive image quality, image stabilisation and weathersealing all in one package, and we aim to assess it fully in the near future. But quite simply the Canon offers such exceptionally good optics that, if you’re after the very best, there’s simply no other choice.”

No doubt the Canon is a great lens, but untill you have fully tested the Tamron (or refer to external comparisons), that last sentence is incorrect and sounds a bit like fanboyism…

Andy Westlake

Full lab test data for the Tamron is available in the lens widget.


quickly looking at the comparison, wide open from 24mm to 70mm .. the original 24-70, nikkor, sony/ziess, tamron, sigma .. all simply aren’t as good.

hardly say it’s fanboyism when you can compare yourself and see they are speaking pretty factual. from CA, sharpness – the II is best in case.


Roger (from lensrentals) made extensiv AF tests and came up with the result that the AF of the 5DIII is more precise than the AF of other Canons (at least with the new lenses). It would be very interesting to check if the AF issues mentioned in the review are found with a 5DIII too.

Ron Poelman

What’s with the halos along the dolphin’s back ?
Can’t be default sharpening, Shirley ?


Ironically, I ordered mine a couple of days ago. It should arrive today and I’m on pins and needles!


I love mine but wonder if the 24-70 f/4 had been out. . if that would have satisfied me. My partner that I shoot weddings with says no, we need that extra stop but in my tests the 24-70 f/4 is right there hanging with it – I have a little video review up of the three 24 lenses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzR_CjFs8g8

Randell Tober

I owned an 24×70 2.8 along with the 70×200 2.8 in the past. Made the mistaken decision to sell them and replace with the- 70×200 F4. (financial issues) I haven’t been happy since. Not even close to happy in low light- indoor sport situations etc… I should’ve known better. With that said, it will take some doing for me to get to this glass level again. Starting over. Sold the F4 and the Canon 30D… Probably going the 4/3 route now… Olympus? Feel free to give me opinions please… Can’t even begin to think about spending $2K on a piece of glass any longer :o( Thanks


Apparently an IS version is expected for later this year.

Andy Westlake

You could have said exactly the same thing any time for about the last five years…


Sure, only then it would have been wrong 🙂


Yes, almost a perfect lens. Also very heavy, that’s why we need more FF or at least APS-C compacts…


cons: No K-mount


cons: your comment. cmon man 😛


Why would you waste this lens on a Pentax? I doubt there’s a Pentax K mount that could outresolve this lens so you’d be wasting your money on resolution the camera couldn’t capture.


there are also no FF pentax cameras…

Andrew Elliott

I love mine even more now!

Mikael in DK

Well done, Canon.

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