Just posted: Nikon Coolpix A real-world samples gallery


We’ve just posted a selection of real-world samples shot with the Nikon Coolpix A. The Coolpix A offers a 16MP APS-C sensor in a genuinely compact body, mated to a 28mm equivalent F2.8 retractable lens. This makes it the latest in an expanding group of high-end, photographer-focused compact cameras with prime lenses – a trend started by the Sigma DP1. Despite the Coolpix naming, the ‘A’s user interface has more in common with the company’s DSLRs.

Although we still have some reservations about the Coolpix A – specifically its relatively slow maximum aperture and high price tag – we found it more enjoyable than we expected when shooting with it and have added some first impressions to our preview and will be adding studio samples in the coming days.

Nikon Coolpix A preview samples – Posted April 3rd 2013

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Again… No challenging low light conditions, that a larger sensor is supposed to cope with better. I’d think it’s the one type of shot you would post, that potential buyers would be interested in seeing, instead a bright daylight post card scenes that virtually any modern camera is able to capture. And, again… no “macro”.

Wonder why…

tommy leong

No complaints about image quality.
in fact , shouldn’t it be the same with the rest of Nikon?

only thing is, would i want an 18.5mm f2.8 fixed lens.
i could see plenty of depth in those sample shots.

its kinda of a little bit here and there, but not outstanding in
any department.

joe talks photography

Pretty impressive. Maybe it’s me, and I am not criticizing any technique in capture, but, some processing looks to be needed for greater contrast in some of the shots.

I’d own one if the OVF wasn’t such a premium priced item. Maybe a third party one will come along.

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