Just posted: Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review


Just posted: Our review of the Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8. In essence this is a tiny three element optic hidden inside a body cap, and probably the cheapest lens of any description made by any camera manufacturer. But is it any good? In the latest of our lens reviews in collaboration with DxOMark, we take a look both at how well it performs in studio testing, and in real-world use. Does it have any place in the Micro Four Thirds user’s camera bag? Click below to find out.

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I’ll take the Pentax 40mm xs pancake at this size and f2.8.


It’s good to have choices for special effects lenses like the Holga lens for DSLRs or the many pinhole lenscap lenses on the market.

The whole “ready to shoot” selling point is a bit of a stretch as the Panasonic 14 f/2.5 is only slightly larger, and you’ll be just as ready to shoot with far better results.

But for the price of a good polarizer, why not? Toy lenses or fixed aperture triplets like this lens are nice to help spark creativity.

Francis Carver

Wow, an F8.0 fixed lens, huh? Wow!

Wow, it is getting mighty embarrassing being a Micro 4/3rd shooter these days. Thanks for that, Oly. :-))


Why would this embarrass you? Quite the sensitive soul?


what we have here is a first dpreview body cap review 🙂
Ok body cap that can make pictures actualy


The cap doesn’t have a cap.

Oh well, iPhone lenses don’t have one either…


Dazed and Confused

It does have a cap – there’s a switchable one built in.

How do I know this? Well, handily there’s a direct link to a review of the lens on this very page…..


I was referring to an actual “cap” but yes, there is a shutter like window that closes on the lens. At least on an iPhone, the dirt is just wiped away…

Dazed and Confused

Am I alone in not using a body cap?

I always have a lens on my camera when it’s in the bag. I reach in, take out the camera, and remove and pocket the lens cap as I lift the camera to my eye.

What would I gain from this lens?

Or do other people do things very dfferently?


So true…

Marketing should start to convince the buyers as to why they should buy this body caplens.



Be very pocketable if that was of interest to you.


Ok, would love to see something similar from Canon, for example.
For 60$ it would be a good body-cap alternative.




$60? No kidding. The optical quality of this lens is very crappy. You can get $99 50/1.8 or $150 40/2.8 STM that both are far better in optical quality. F8 on mFT is equivalent to F16 on FF which is basically useless.


It’s $39 until July 13 at B&H…..regular price is $49….


I wish Olympus would release a similar lens for Four Thirds.


this is a four thirds, dude


Four thirds is dead. Get a MICRO four thirds camera, and this will fit.


Who cares! 🙂


I do, and i hope we get a comparison between this and Pentax 07 Mount shield lens (11,5mm f/9)



Rupert Bottomsworth

It’s great to see DPR spending their time reviewing the really important stuff.

Andy Westlake

Why should we only review stuff that you consider to be ‘really important’? What’s wrong with looking at the interesting oddities too?

Rupert Bottomsworth

Andy, I’m sure you’d agree that the vast majority of m43 users would prefer you guys to review something like the Oly 45mm f/1:8 rather than some gimmicky oddity like this.


While we’re being sarcastic and making up statistics, I’m sure you’d agree that the vast majority of non-μ4/3 users (a larger group, I’m sure you’d agree…) would be more interested in this lens as a curiosity. I know I am, and that’s evidently all that matters.


Using this lens with some of the art filters might be similar to playing with a $200-$400 lensbaby for some.

I found the review interesting and fun. Thanks!

Actually some of the photos look better than I would have expected.


I’m a HUGE fan of making the most out of what you have at hand. Gets your creative juices flowing 🙂 I’ve wanted this lens since it came out, and thanks to this review, I have more to act on. So thanks!


They should offer this lens as a bonus in any Olympus M43, a funny gift.


I would have preferred a different priority in reviewing mFT lenses… The body cap lens is rather low on my personal priority list


I’d say it’s worth a look, as an alternative to a body cap that does nothing, but only if you don’t already have the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 pancake.

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