Just posted: Olympus PEN E-P5 real-world samples


We’ve been shooting with the Olympus PEN E-P5 for the past few weeks, in preparation for our review. Using a selection of lenses, we’ve put together a real-world samples gallery showing what the latest big PEN can do. In addition to shooting at the default settings, we’ve also tried adjusting the noise reduction and sharpening settings, and have included both out-of-camera JPEGs and Adobe Camera Raw conversions to give an idea for the choices you’re offered.

Olympus PEN E-P5 Preview samples gallery

 Olympus PEN E-P5 preview samples: Published July 10th 2013

There are 30 images in our samples gallery. Please do not reproduce any of these images on a website or any newsletter / magazine without prior permission (see our copyright page). We make the originals available for private users to download to their own machines for personal examination or printing (in conjunction with this review), we do so in good faith, please don’t abuse it.

Unless otherwise noted images taken with no particular settings at full resolution.


Adrian Van

Very good photos overall. Image quality similar to OMD.
What is the point of taking photos at 12800 iso, to show how noisy it is at an iso most of us would not likely want to use anyway, and would get a prime for a lower iso? It cleaned up fairly well in ACR though in second image. I would rather see more images at 1600, 3200 and 6400. There was some night photos taken at 800 iso with F1.8 or longer exposures looked very good.
All in all a great camera though.
Robin Wong also has great examples on his website blog.


Nice samples. Thank you for taking the trouble.

The images look very decent, just like the ones made with any other recent camera. Differences have become so subtle there is not much point in comparing (most cameras use very similar sensors anyway). Perhaps it is time to pay more attention to other aspects of photographic gear such as durability, design and function in various genres.

Oleg Vinokurov

17mm f1.8 doesn’t look too exiting, decent lens, expensive. But there is no “WOW” must get it. I started to like e-p5 and external vf idea, want something more compact than a bit bulky g5/g6. Lets see how price will change in 2-3month, already 8% less for kit 17mm+vf. From 125.000yen down to 115.000 🙂


I have kept my EPL1. With the Pan 20 1.7 it is a nice combination. As others have noted I don’t see a notable increase in IQ etc. The pictures are just samples of real world shooting and not meant to be art but IF I had not owned the EPL1 there isn’t much in these photos to get excited about.

If there is still a banding problem with the above mentioned 20 lens it would be a game changer for me as it was my favorite M4/3 lens. The funny part is there was never a banding problem with the EPL1 but seemed to come in with later models the OMD most notably.

Thanks for the samples.


There is a significant difference between the new Sony sensors and the older 12mp sensor used in your EPL1.
The banding problem seems to be interference of some sort between the 20mm lens and the sony sensors used in all the current Olympus cameras and the Panasonic GH3. Panasonic have announced a new metal bodied 20mm lens which people have speculated will solve the banding issue.


That EPL1 was very well wrought for its time (admittedly EVF not the greatest and 12 versus 16 MP sensor; noisy shutter) and remains one of the best values in photography given current prices. The image quality is excellent and “good at 100 percent,” unlike so many cameras. Shake reduction, good dust reduction system, has a flash, can take a viewfinder, every custom setting imaginable.

Uri Ben

Great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Uri, I am trying to figure out if your post is meant as sarcasm or do you really see greatness in these photos? What are you seeing that the rest of us are missing?

Note: this was posted in a friendly conversational way.


Liked the 17mm lens images alot


The 14-42 shots are much better than the others. How come?

Uri Ben

No – they are not.


Work-junket alert!!
Well someone was lucky enough to visit Australia to take these samples, weren’t they Richard? I bet Simon was miffed it wasn’t him…

Andy Westlake

In the real world, Richard travelled to Australia on holiday to watch the Lions, being inexplicably fond of rugby. If you’d like to apologise for the ‘junket’ accusation, we can leave it there.


He would of been a happy lad then with the result. The Ashes will be our redemption however. yes apologies, the reference to junket was tounge in cheek of course. And here i was thinking that Australians & Brits shared a common characteristic of detecting of subtle humour. 🙁

Andy Westlake

Thanks for the clarification – the problem with written communication on the internet is the lack of any additional cues about the author’s real intent.

As for the Ashes, good luck and may the better team win.

Robert Garcia NYC

If I am not mistaken it’s the same sensor as the OMD and that a great sensor but I won’t expect anymore real big improvements to image quality. That said the images look great. Also, any real photographer will try to keep the ISO low as possible.


Pretty decent, overall, but dynamic range seems limited.

Henry M. Hertz

well i don´t see olympus making progess in image quality.

too much of the same cameras.
slower product cycles and more innovations is what pana and oly need… or i don´t see a big future for m43.

i sold my E-PL1 and bought a sony RX100 as always with me camera.
it fits into my shirt pocket and delivers great images.
and for a “always with me camera” i don´t need interchangeable lenses.
overall size is way more important for me.


The 4/3 format has been around for seven years now, m4/3rds is no different so its lifespan is fairly long, but pocketable cameras demand compromises so to base an entire line on “shirtpocket” cameras would be a mistake.


@Henry…just getting to your post. I noted in another part of the thread that I too had the EPL1 and really liked it with the 20mm 1.7 lens. Later there were many reports of banding with that same lens and the OMD. I fully understand what you are saying. These images just don’t do much for me. We also own the RX100 and it really delivers. It is so good I can’t help but want the RX1R. If the RX100 is that good I can only imagine shooting with the full frame.

Size is key for me and is what drove me to the EPL1 in the first place. My brick camera days are over. I am sure there must be amazing improvements in the Oly line but I am not certain that it is the EP5.

Catalin Stavaru

Honestly, I am not impressed at all. I see some fringing of some sort in low-ISO images (not the best quality lens ?) and too much noise even at ISO2500. Also the JPEGs seem over-processed / over-sharpened and the colors are not the best I was expecting.


“Even” at 2500 ISO? What ISO do you normally shoot at?

Henry M. Hertz

the landscape images look like crap to be honest.

i have P&S cameras who deliver the same or better images.

Uri Ben

No- you have not….

Oleg Vinokurov

@Henry M. Hertz
Seems all you do on dpreview now is complain about something. Might be good idea to show some of those better images you get?


lovely photos and and an intriguing camera

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