Just posted: OMG Life Autographer Quick Review


Just posted: Our quick review of the Autographer from OMG Life. Billed as the ‘world’s first intelligent wearable camera’, it’s designed to take pictures automatically triggered by the output from five built-in sensors. The camera has a super wideangle lens with a 136° angle of view, a 5MP CMOS sensor, and 8GB of built-in memory for image storage. It also has Bluetooth for connection to a smartphone. It’s certainly intriguing, but how well does it work?



Seems like a toy or a weird gadget for extreme bloggers.


Cr@pgadget at its finest! Big brother is that you?


“big brother is watching you” and yet you need to pay for it???
I guess, I simlpy don’t understand why anyone would pay for such gizmo…what’s the purpose of that thing anyway? I do have my mobile and one rather crapy camera that came with it.
OMG…Maybe I’m aging…


it will take trashy imagery since you can’t predict where it will shoot.
how come it doesn’t have GoPro like sort of attachments where it will have almost limitless applications?


Made in China and available at your dollar store.


Appears to be easily snatched from someone’s neck.


more.. failware.. thx for bringing this device to the masses..!


“Not obviously a camera”
“distinctly unobtrusive”
I guess it depends on where it’s being worn on the user’s body, but it has a very distinct lens on it and looks pretty damn obvious in the photo above…

M Jesper

How to lose friends and alienate people … If you see anyone with one of these around their neck, avoid contact ! How can anyone have a serious conversation like that.


Smartphone = 0$ (I already have one)
App to shoot at (ir?)regular intervals = 0$
Wide angle adapter = 10$
Neck strap = 2$

Come again??? 400£???
Seriously, Oh My Grandmother have a real issue with their price point…
…and IQ…
…and storage…
…but to name a few.


Unless you are gonna wear one of those Pureview camera phone then it is fine otherwise you will just carry a bigger garbage camera like iPhone etc etc.


You are right but that was not my point!
Garbage for garbage I have my phone which by the looks of it is less garbage than this device.
I understand the concept though, and I don’t dispute it, I’m just arguing that weight aside, there is almost nothing that this gadget will do that a phone won’t.


Just at the moment I thought one of these gadgets would be fun to do stop-motions of my hiking adventures, I read:
“Built-in battery, charges over USB”

too bad..

actually it’s quite handy that it is usb-chargable (with solar power of one of those nifty cooking devices), but not being able to insert a spare battery is very inconvenient; you’re bound to miss exactly the part that you wanted to record (after a few rainy days in the sub-arctic).


OMG what a great set of pictures!

Perfect focus, tack-sharp images and wonderful colors!

Well-worth it than reviewing other cameras such as Fuji HS50, Fuji X-S1 etc etc…


from a purely photographic point of view this thing seems to me pretty useless. even more considering the fact that most of the people carry a (phone) camera with them all the time.


Oh dear, I MUST sell my RX100 now for this!!!

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