Just Posted: Update to Sony RX100 II Samples Gallery

@Tommygun – I don’t really see your point. When we get *pre-release* cameras, on the very rare occasions we’re allowed to actually shoot with them, we usually have an extremely short time available to us to do it.

In the case of the RX100 II, I pretty much ran out of the office for a couple of hours one day before it started raining, took a few hurried shots that evening, and the next day the camera was in the studio all day, while we wrote the preview, and then the product was announced.

This is the point – we do what we can to get pictures on the site for you, then we follow-up when we have more time, post-announcement (when we don’t have to hide the camera from view every time someone comes down the street towards us.)

The initial preview gallery was OK, given the contraints, but it wasn’t the greatest, so I wanted to update it as soon as possible.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/07/08/sony-rx100-m2-samples-gallery-update