Kickstarter project seeks funding for ‘Stubilizer’ GoPro mount

The magic is the control board. The Gopro ones I have use Martinez boards and the NEX-7 one uses a HoverFly board. There is nothing new here the Multirotor and Helicopter world have been playing with these for over 3 years now. What his appears to miss is vibration isolation. All of mine have that to prevent Jelo but are also a lot bigger.
His marketing appears to be to make a plug and play system for those who don’t look or don’t want to look too far for a solution. Admittedly all my gimbals needed fine tuning to the aircraft and even altering to do what I wanted. Something his, presumably won’t need because it is a one camera self contained unit not intended to be integrated with anything else like video links remote shutter and remote zoom. Even On Screed Display (OSD) of information like altitude, attitude, speed, acceleration, gps satellites, power used, power left, direction etc…. sent to a ground station.

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