Kickstarter project seeks funding for ‘Stubilizer’ GoPro mount

This is old news even if the individual promoting it doesn’t realize it. I have a friend that built a home brew steady cam using a control system/circuit board from a Ukrainian designer and three gimbal motors. He uses the concept with his helicopter mounted GoPro camera as well as with a handheld version for his NEX-6. My friend built his system from scratch but if you go to ebay you can find numerous suppliers of two and three gimbal camera stabilization systems for GoPros and small mirror less cameras. They don’t look as elegant as the system described here but they work essentially the same and for a few hundred bucks. Unless the product here can be delivered at a low, break through cost, it’s of little interest to the average user. I’m sure GoPro would have used existing technology to create a similar product if they felt the market existed. Or, perhaps they feel the existing products on the market fill the need.

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