‘Kodak City’ documents former imaging giant’s headquarters

Blacks came enmasse to Northern cities, collected benefits, rarely worked, depressed property values and turned once thriving neighborhoods into ghettos. The “whites” provided free food, rent, education, childcare, counseling, Head Start, affirmative action, and healthcare yet their situation did not improve, and eventually entire neighborhoods fell into decline.

Kodak certainly didn’t go out of its way to damage any blacks, in fact from the 50s onward it was a model of integration. It simply couldn’t find enough skilled black workers because few took advantage of the opportunities presented them had they simple attended public schools….

I was here, I saw this with my own eyes. I never saw any systemic discrimination by government or corporations in Rochester. In fact, it was the reverse as they bent over backwards to bring blacks into the middle class. Please enlighten me where I am incorrect here, or in what way it is racist beyond the straight forward facts?

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/06/21/kodak-city-documents-former-imaging-giant-headquarters