Last Chance to vote! 2014 Readers’ Polls – best product of 2014

Think what you want.

People are no longer buying cameras, they are buying reviews.

They read the reviews, mingle in the fanbois forums, click through to B&H, Adorama, Amazon, etc., pay their money — and five days later they finally get their camera, bought sight unseen. Pretty crappy products when people are no longer inspecting the actual product before they buy.

Look at the “I want it” numbers in the voting. And then the links at the bottom inviting you to “Shop Now” at Amazon. People are buying reviews.

Bricks and mortar stores are dying if not dead.

The D810 votes are more the result of DP Review, Thom Hogan, etc. not publishing their reviews than any true personal experience comparing actual products.

The idea of a “People’s Choice” awards for cameras, with links to purchase sight is pretty shameless pandering and profiteering on the part of DP Review.

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