Leica introduces its first ever F1.4 aperture 28mm lens for the M system

SSantana75, yes, you are right, but shigzeo was even “righter”, if you have a shower or a water closet in your house, they costs several times more than a poor family in africa or somewhere earns in several years. What would you say, if someone would come along and would call you an egoist because you have a shower and a water closet and would urge you to wash youself in the next river and relieve yourself in a bucket? For you, those things are normal, for some people in the world not. But besides that, i would thing, you would do much more for those people in africa, if you urge your government (or the others) to stop war and induce unrest and riots in africa, only for ressources, oil, diamonds, noble earths, fruits and so on. (You need not to donate your possession, only stop inducing unrest and war in the world.)

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0145261224/leica-introduces-its-first-ever-f1-4-aperture-28mm-lens-for-the-m-system